Yearbook students share work in progress

Yearbook students apply new strategies to enhance coverage, content and design

Instructors Sarah Nichols and Ava Butzu challenged students to give their yearbooks a fresh identity. Focus and application ranged from leadership and staff culture to planning practical approaches to making the book. Digging deeper,  students considered aspects such as coverage, design and social media and planned ways to incorporate new approaches to theme and concept development. Students gained insights for using the concept as a powerful lens through which to tell the stories of the year in a variety of fresh ways.

Yearbook students chose individual or group projects to focus on during their work time. After goal-setting and brainstorming, students began planning, designing and creating based on the wants and needs of their yearbook program. Below are stories from the first checkpoint on Monday night. [Caption styles reflect the individual staff style guidelines from each school/program.]

IMG_1469Time to Finalize. Seniors Amber Sewell and Tiffanie Schmedding ask for constructive criticism from their camp instructors over their newly made design. The two chose to change the flow of the story to accommodate the eye of the reader. “It has been a roller coaster with this yearbook theme but I would never change the experience for anything, it’s been amazing and so will our yearbook,” said Amber. Photo by Sarah Nichols

LaurenCherryAt the MediaNowSTL Camp at Maryville University, Lauren Cherry, Caroline Jordan, Michaela Rogan and Maggie McDaniel make decisions for the 2016 Yearbook. The camp took place from June 21-24. “We picked out a color palette, fonts, and designed our cover and breakout pages. It was exciting to take charge and start our yearbook,” Jordan said.
HannahFullerHannah Fuller, junior, works on her yearbook theme while pinning ideas onto her Pinterest board. Fuller is the only one attending the yearbook workshop from her school so she is facing the struggle of working by herself. After figuring out the theme for her yearbook, “Just Saying”, she begins working on design elements like color scheme. “This workshop has really helped me figure out unique ideas,” said Fuller. “I feel like I have a lot to take back to my school.”
SarahKeeganGrouped in front of the white board, co-Editor in chief Jordan Arnold, Design Editor Kara Bamberger, Managing Editor Sarah Keegan, Copy Editor Tess Holcom, Assistant Copy Editor Camryn McDonald, and Co-Baby Ad Editors Hadley Sayers and Emilia Battles present theme ideas at St. Louis Media Now workshop. In hopes of finding a theme concept before the school year began they built a spider web of possibilities. “The workshop is giving us a great opportunity to work on the theme over the summer,” Holcom said. “Kate and Aaron also make it a lot of fun.”
CassiaNoahFreshman Cassia Noah, Jane Sundell, Ellie Magera, and sophomore Rachel Becker brainstorm themes. They explored two different themes to have the editors choose the one that works best Liberty HS. “A theme can be found in many different places,” said Rachel Becker.

Bridget GrahamSophomores Bridget Graham and Mamie Murphy created idea boards for yearbook design and layout on Pinterest, and created a list of questions for their editors at STL media now. “Pinterest is a great way to brainstorm and keep all your ideas in one place.” Murphy said. Next they will work on incorporating these ideas into their designs.

MadisonRoloffFrancis Howell North yearbook staff members Madison Roloff, Brandon League, Jeri Treas and Madison Adams work on creating a theme for their 2016 yearbook. The theme, The New Norm, means showing the new normal and covering things that happen every year from many sides. Giving all students a chance to show or tell their version, or rather, their version of “normal,” which is different depending on who is telling their story and what their experience was. Not pictured: Kelly Woelfel26179Media Now attendee Keaton Birk ’16 shows off his work of the day. Birk made a Facebook group for his staff and compiled a list of eligible themes for his staffs upcoming book.