Yearbook students work on coverage


Summer Cutler

Students in the yearbook class work on theme projects. The theme will help students to improve their coverage as the school year progresses.

Summer Cutler and Mersadees Sampson , Reporter

Coverage is on tap for yearbook students at MediaNowSTL camp on June 23.

“Coverage is about being diverse in the student body, not interviewing the same types of people and also getting your name out there,” senior Rachel Ellis from Parkway West said.
Sophomore Rebecca Purcell from Francis Howell North said yearbook will also cover theme.

“Theme is the overall focus on what you talk about, tweet about or base your yearbook around,” Purcell said.

Students from all over America come to MediaNowSTL camp to learn techniques and skills that will prepare them to become incredible journalists.
Yearbook class adviser Sarah Nichols said, “I hope they leave feeling empowered and excited about the opportunity they have as a journalist, I hope they see some ways of doing it better and differently and why they want to try them. I think that will be a win.”