Yearbook students to learn coverage, alternative storytelling strategies

Macie Maislin, Reporter

Instructor Sarah Nichols talks about the importance of curiosity.
Instructor Sarah Nichols talks about the importance of curiosity.

Yearbook students at Media Now STL are learning alternative storytelling and coverage strategies this afternoon in hopes to create engaging stories.

“Someone who doesn’t know about yearbook just sees pictures and words. There’s a misconception that people only want the pictures and not the words. Our job is to find the right way of using the words to tell the stories in ways that people do want to read, so that they get those insights and storytelling moments in a verbal form, so we’re looking at the best ways to deliver those stories,” Instructor Sarah Nichols said.

In the afternoon of June 22, Students will learn about the different ways to cover stories in order to make them more engaging to readers. Believing these strategies are important, student Bailey Glass expresses her enthusiasm on the upcoming lesson.

“I’ve learned that I need to try to find ways to get the student’s attention in the yearbook and that’s one of my big goals. I’m going to try to find different ideas on how to grab their attention and get their interest and involvement. At first, I was just taking pictures, but I realized how much I enjoyed it and how much I had more to learn, which is why I’m excited,” said student Bailey Glass.