Web students use SNO to help their online journalism


Michael Riley is a prime example of people who are starting to use SNO. Here, he is working on his school’s website.

Devin Kittrell, Reporter

Jason Wallestad, co-founder of SNO and instructor at MediaNow, plans to continue talking about what School Newspapers Online (SNO) is and how it benefits his students. According to Wallestad, SNO is a WordPress-based web service for scholastic journalism programs, and he uses SNO to help students with learning how to publish and design websites on their own.

The WordPress software helps Wallestad teach his students about the process of editing and publishing. He said he basically demonstrates what to do and the students create and edit their own personal pieces. Doing so, Wallestad said his students enjoy learning in a modern way.

Since many students have different types of websites for their schools, using SNO helps them maintain the page and teach upcoming rookies the basics of the software without worrying about various technical differences. With how technologically advanced the world is getting, using SNO is very beneficial for careers, even others outside journalism, according to Wallestad.

Michael Riley, a teacher from Cody, WY, and a student in Wallestad’s class, said he sees SNO as a way to help people develop, control and change their news websites, especially high school news. Riley said he enjoys learning about SNO. He actually come back from retirement, three years earlier, to teach such work. While attending the JEA Convention in Seattle, he said he met Wallestad, who is the co-founder of SNO. Riley said it would be a good idea for him to sign up with the company. Doing so, he said, will help him learn to manage sites so he can help his students do the same.

Still, Riley said he’s pretty new at using the interface.

“I kinda feel like a puppy in the water splashing around a lot,” he said.