Web students take to new design techniques to improve sites


Alex Kretsinger

Instructor Jason Wallestad conferences with a student about his website. Wallestad’s goal was to help his students figure out the best design to fit their website.

Web campers continue to apply new ideas and teachings to build upon their online sites at the MediaNowSTL camp. Jason Wallestad, co-founder of SNO and high school journalism adviser, uses his experience to teach students about design aspects to better their site layouts.

“They’re working on practicing all the different design tips,” Wallestad said. “They’re working on designing their own pages and they’re also working on designing their story pages. [Tuesday]  is mostly going to be work time so that they can create their own project with their own website.”

While some students focus on redesigning their online sites, others work on adding multimedia elements to their online stories.

“I’m researching some multimedia stuff that we can use on our website,” Kirkwood senior Katlyn Kreien said. ”I don’t really know about page design but I do know about stuff that we can add to our stories to make them cooler like videos, photo galleries, infographics.”

Wallestad points out that the finished product doesn’t mean the sites can’t be improved further.

“I feel like the project they’re doing with the websites is never done,” Wallestad said. “They’ll always just kind of continually be working on it.”

The online world will never stop changing, so students will have to continue to learn new skills to adapt to new technology features. For now, the tricks taught at the MediaNowSTL camp will put students at ease with their sites.

“My overall goal would be that I feel more comfortable with web,” Kreie said. “I don’t know as much as the rest of the people that came from my school, but you know, I’m learning fast.”