Video storytelling, editing class furthers work with video footage, B-roll


Reide Pearson (front) edits her B-roll footage in the Video Storytelling and Editing class on June 24. Students will continue to work on footage and make their own package by the end of camp.

Allison Munden, Reporter

Video Storytelling and Editing class, Instructed by Matt Rasgorsheck, challenges students to learn the basic and advanced techniques of video storytelling, then go into the field to gather a story of their own.

“We will work on basic video which is just B-roll and video footage and interviews, putting that together. Then we will go to the farmers market and put together what is called a package so more B-roll and more sound lights, telling a story that way.”

Student Reide Pearson, a rising junior from Francis Howell North High School, said her love for storytelling began in an intro class for video her freshman year and continued to grow through involvement on the Publications program for her school’s video staff.

“You can tell a person’s story through words but I feel like seeing them talk gives you another aspect that you normally wouldn’t get,” she said. “I love the creativity that I was able to use and the freedom that I had to do whatever I wanted to tell people’s stories.”