Video Essentials Prepares For Live Broadcast


Emma Pursley

Video Essentials students Katrina Nickell, Sam Skaggs, and Hannah Glassmann work on editing their video about Kate Manfull. This video along with the others that the class created aired on June 24 in the LUTV studio.

Emma Pursley and Deena Essa

Video Essentials campers worked to finish editing their video packages of the MediaNowSTL camp so that they can be live broadcast through LUTV on June 24.

This project spanned two days, and students had to do more work in a less time than they are used to. Class adviser Matt Rasgorshek said that after such a long day on June 23, the students were lagging, so he is interested to see how they handle the stress of a tight deadline.

“You see this at any camp, ‘All lright it’s getting intense, it was kinda fun for a while and now it’s like, oh my gosh I’ve gotta work’, but they’re really doing well, they’re hustling and they’re a fun group,”  Rasgorshek said.

After creating these short videos, Rasgorshek hopes that the students have learned an appreciation for how much work goes into making a video, even one that is only a minute long.

“That’s the thing about video, it takes a long time to do even a minute package, the kids are learning that now,” Rasgorshek said.

Julianne Beffa from Lafayette High School said that she really enjoyed this camp and would recommend it to others.

Beffa said, “I think this camp is a great learning experience for anyone in the journalism world and I think anyone who is interested in a career in journalism should definitely attend this camp because it is fun and kind of relatable to everyone.”