Video Essentials class starts filming their projects


Emma Pursley

Adviser Matt Rasgorshek demonstrates using the smartphone application Videolicious.

Deena Essa

Video Essentials students begin filming and editing their first videos: mini packages only a minute long featuring the MediaNowSTL camp and the future of journalism.

MediaNowSTL adviser Matt Rasgorshek helps his students prepare to capture footage from the varied classes, the Lindenwood University radio station and the administration that runs everything from behind the scenes.

“I hope they get an eye for what a good video story is,” said Rasgorshek. “They’ve got a journalism background, they have passion for journalism. My job is to show them what makes a good video story rather than just a story more geared towards the newspaper.”

With 12 years of experience on his hands, Rasgorshek teaches his campers the basics of creating an informing, yet interesting video story.

“I think [videography] is important – and it’s becoming increasingly more popular – because we’re becoming more visual, our audience is becoming more visual,” said Rasgorshek. “[Videos] are a valuable piece and a great way to tell a story if you do it right.”

Hannah Gassman from Collinsville High School has joined the class to further her knowledge in videography.

“I’m really excited to start filming,” said Gassman.“This is my first year at camp but I’ve been editing videos on my own since I was 10. I really want to learn about being behind the camera and directing everyone else and making sure everything is how it’s supposed to be.”