Top 5 Moments From MediaNow STL Day 1

JuJu Vieth

A list of the Top 5 Moments from MediaNow STL Day 1:

1. Staff introduction videos: Welcome to camp, everyone!

2. Giveaways: The first four campers to get called up to the front had a bucket of squishy balls from Dot-Press and various candy dumped on their heads. Dot-Press is giving each camper a opportunity for a free years worth subscription to their hosting site. The second giveaway was a competition between three campers to see who could most accurately copy a sentence from the board into a text message.

Just a glimpse of the #medianowparty kicking off #MNstl15. Like the giveaways, love the energy! A video posted by Sarah Nichols (@sarahjnichols) on

3. Post-Dispatch Panel: MediaNow STL was fortunate enough to be visited by six of the Post-Dispatch’s reporters, photographers, and media staff who were active during the events in Ferguson.

It was AMAZING to hear from the Missouri Post Dispatch. #mnstl15 @medianowstl

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4. Ice breakers: Many classes had an ice breaker to help the campers get to know each other.

We’re building things in the #mnstl15 social media class! — Erica Smith (@ericasmith) June 21, 2015 

5. Dinner!

My first #dorm food since 1999. #stl #mnstl15 #medianowparty @medianowstl #mn15 A photo posted by Allison Babka (@ambabka) on