Coffee posse keeps cafe running

The Corner Coffee House is a second home to a group of retired locals


Adam Rose

The Table of Knowledge members pose at their table

Reaghen West and

The Corner Coffee House in Ferguson is a home away from home for a group of retired locals, including Brian Fletcher, Mike Fibley and Dave Proost. This group of men has gone to this coffee shop almost every day since it opened in 2000. They refer to themselves as “the table of knowledge,” but say their wives beg to differ. The members say they have grown a lot and love adding people to their table whenever they meet someone new.

“Me and some of these guys have been here since they started building this place,” daily customer Dave Proost said. “We have gradually gotten bigger throughout all of these years.”

The group of retired pals goes to the coffee shop on a daily basis. They sit at a table with their fresh cup of coffee and discuss politics, sports, memories, local rumors, and whatever else comes to mind. Sometimes they have to pull chairs from other tables and crowd around their table.

“Me and this group of men have created a lot of memories sitting around this table,” table member Dwight Southul said.

According to the table, the Corner Coffee House is a second home to them. They appreciate the hometown atmosphere the shop has. Many of the local people stop in before work to start their day. Others, like the people of the Table of Knowledge, spend hours in the coffee house.

“It (Corner Coffee House) is a very special place in Ferguson,” retired Ferguson mayor Brian Fletcher said. “I will continue to come here until I’m not here anymore.”