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The Miles Band best and worst gigs

“One of our best gigs, I think, was like 2 days ago at Fire and Ice Town and Country… The crowd was pretty into it and even though it was like super hot it was just like really fun and they had a bubble bus.” “Well, I don’t really think about one specific (bad gig), but like usually the ones that aren’t too great are the ones where no one is really interested in us and they’re more interested in their food if we play in a restaurant. They just think we’re too loud.” -Kaylynn Dunn, Drummer
“Best gig… I don’t know, we had a four hour gig at the Babylon, a little smokey bar out in St. Peters. We were up on a big stage and we had professional sound and lights and everything went absolutely perfect that night. That had to be one of the best ones but it’s hard to narrow down what the best ones were. The worst ones are usually outside or in very small locations.” -Alexander Scheman, Lead Guitarist
“Oh man. There’s a few I could name. I remember one was back last winter around December, we played at the Fireburg, and Austin, our bass guitarist, was actually out of town. We only had to play a small set though, but we got our friend Harry Snyder, who plays in some other bands, to cover bass for us and I remember we were really on that night, even though our normal bass guitarist wasn’t there which is weird.” “Probably when we were just starting out, ’cause we were a little rough back then. We were pretty new to this whole things so we’d have technical difficulties, I might forget the words, we played in generally small places because we were just getting our name out there and I remember we played at Ballwin Days, we played two days there. We weren’t covered and it was like 100 degrees, so I was dying up there and we just sounded like crap.” -Daniel Young, Lead Singer
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“I have to say, we played at Fire and Ice Festival down in Town and Country. I think that was probably our best. We pretty much just nailed everything, but it was fun. There were a lot of people, everyone seemed to enjoy it. The crowd really helps.” “It was one of the first ones. It was at Ballwin days. Tried some weird stuff, didn’t work. And it was really hot.” -Austin Neukirch, Bassist


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