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The Future for Daniel Young and his band, The Miles

Daniel Young discusses the future of each of the band members

Youth band The Miles recently played a special gig for Media Now at Saint Louis. The Miles are a band of youth, none of which are in college quite yet, who specialize in covers. Because they are all so close to college, it leaves a question: What is in stock for the future of the band members?

The Miles’s lead singer may lead into a bigger music career. Lead singer Daniel Young said, “I definitely plan to make music, not just like a side project, like a career. It’s hard to do, I know but I’m gonna be going to school to study music, jazz in particular, and hopefully make this a living.” From the sound of his band The Miles, he may have a shot.

However, if he does make it in music, it won’t be with The Miles. He said,“(Not with) this band, because we’re all gonna go to college eventually, and we all got future aspirations, like Alexander’s going to Germany for college, and Kaylyn’s going to be a vet…” With all the members going to college, some internationally, it would be impossible to have the same band,or it would be a completely different The Miles. On top of Alexander Scheman, the guitarist, leaving for Germany, their bassist Austin Neukrich is already looking to be replaced. Kaylyn Dunn, their drummer, has her eyes set on becoming a vet. With just Daniel Young looking to continue in the music industry fullhearted, keep an eye out for him in the future.

Young says, “We’ll probably all still be friends, I hope.”

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