The Daily Grind: over-caffeinated young people fill college campuses

MediaNow students wait in line at Kaldis coffee shop.
Photo by: Cadie Elder

MediaNow students wait in line at Kaldi’s coffee shop. Photo by: Cadie Elder

Cadie Elder and Betsy Wait

Shuffling back and forth behind the barista counter, Kaldi’s coffeehouse manager Vicki Beckman and co-worker Marissa Bonny remain calm despite the flocks of coffee craving kids on Maryville’s campus.

“I think drinking coffee is a trendy thing for teens to do because everyone wants to fit in at that age and they want to seem cool walking around with their cups,” Bonny said.

According to Health magazine, the recent coffee craze is prominent because about 75% of young people consume caffeine on a daily basis.

“I have one [cup of coffee] in the morning and the caffeine keeps me awake, but I crash around 3 p.m. so then I need it again,” high scool student Tess Holcom said.

While some students have a cup of joe for the sake of staying awake, others get hooked on coffee since it is a popular fad amongst teens.

“I originally started drinking Starbucks for the sake of having cool Instagram posts,” high school student Molly Hart said. “It’s funny because I never actually posted a picture of my coffee on Instagram.”

Although drinking coffee may be a hip habit, the caffeine in coffee can raise one’s blood pressure and coffee addicts often suffer from withdrawal symptoms, like headaches, fatigue, and irritability, when they are unable to access their fix, according to Web MD.

Despite the health risks, students are still drawn to coffee shops. According to Hart, it’s the serene environment where students are able to sit for hours, fuel up and study that makes coffee shops a social hub for teens.

“Hanging out at coffee shops is a great place to meet people and they are centrally located so afterwards you can to other places,” Hart said.