Social media class takes the reigns

Molly Hart

Today marked the beginning of the Media Now Camp at Maryville University.

From the moment they signed up campers have been encouraged to follow the organization’s social media accounts, from Snapchat to Twitter to Instagram, Media Now has proven that social media can be a useful way to connect with people. However, on the first day the leaders of the social media class handed over the reigns of the social media accounts. The campers were given full access to the Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts for Media Now.

The class was split into four groups, each taking a different platform. The Twitter group began by announcing their takeover and uncovered hard hitting stories such as what was for dinner this evening.

Though the Twitter account may have been the most active today, the other platforms have big plans for the coming week. The Media Now STL Facebook page will be directed toward worrying parents. The class will aim to comfort the parents and assure them that their campers are safe and happy. They hope to accomplish this by posting a collage of the best pictures from that day at camp.

The Instagram group wants to post the best pictures of the most memorable activities.

The Snapchat group wants to document the events of the day as they are happening.

The social media class is working on a surprise for the campers so stay tuned and make sure you are following Media Now STL on every platform!

Twitter: @MediaNowStl

Instagram: @MediaNowStl

Snapchat: Media Now STL

Facebook: Media Now STL