Students Prepare for Editor Roles during Editorial Leadership


Student Garret Griffin works on his personal project

Sara Metzger, Reporter

Students are working to develop independence through individual projects during Editorial Leadership at MediaNowSTL. Student Garret Griffin said he seeks to promote his school’s publication programs through his personal task.

“We are well known,” Griffin said, “but it is important that we keep expanding.”

Students enrolled in Editorial Leadership work alongside other students in the class, gaining insight through peer advice and collaboration. Class instructor Mitch Eden said he plans to work closely with his students as well, providing them with insight on leadership skills as well as advice on their various tasks.

“Really I want them to choose what they want to do to move forward in their program,” Eden said.

Although they spend time working on their personal projects, according to Eden, students will also receive an education on various aspects included in their role as editor in chief. He said Editorial Leadership seeks to better prepare students for future endeavors through their acquired knowledge as well as leave them feeling as if their time was used productively. Students will continue to work on their individual projects this afternoon.