Students improve design skills in personalized class work

The newspaper design students will work this week to refine their individual design skills.

Students learn different styles of design, and work with content from their publications. They will experiment with ideas and discuss potential places hey can go with their publications.

Leading the newspaper design class at the MediaNowSTL camp are Stephanie Wilson and Carlos Ayulo. Wilson is a former student of Aaron Manfull. The instructors did not create set projects for the enrolled students, which worked well with the different types of journalism students present.

“We definitely have a variety, last year it was specifically a redesign class, but this year we have some yearbook students and some other students that are sort of tagging along with their editors, and they’re just here to learn more design,” Wilson said.

Some students will work to redesign their publications, while others are just there to learn more about design.

Darian Koenig, a newspaper design editor from Lawrence Free State High School, is working on changing her staff’s entire publication to a magazine format. Koenig has a few worries about being able to apply all the techniques the staff learns in this class to the redesign, as well as how the student body will respond to the change. However, she said her staff can pull it off. The class is being more innovative and inventive with their designs than they have been before.

“I’m pretty confident that we’ll be able do it,” she said. “I think we have the intelligence and we have the capability, and the imagination to create wild things and still do good things with it.”