Student suffers from procrastination, adviser offers solution


Jake Clark, Reporter

Jackson Barton opens up his laptop and clicks open a few tabs. Barton’s unfinished stories for his publication, the Free State High School Free Press, are in these tabs. But rather than completing those stories, he distracts himself from the task in front of him with different tabs like YouTube and Reddit. Barton said he suffers from procrastination.

“Eventually, I’ll check in one of those tabs, but then I won’t do anything. It’s just to convince myself that I’m actually doing something when I’m really not. I work on them but then I get stressed out so that only makes me want to procrastinate more,” Barton said.

He’s not alone. According to, procrastination occurs to everyone to some degree.

According to Nancy Smith, adviser at Lafayette High School, the solution is to have a list of what she calls non-negotiables.

“If you know you have a test on Tuesday, you have to make time Monday night to study; it’s a non-negotiable. It’s when you have those things in your schedule that you can’t work around,” Smith said.

Smith said to figure out these non-negotiables first, and then to plan around them and make sure you aren’t leaving the hardest tasks for last. With this type of schedule, you can fit in fun as well, she said.

“If you’re gonna study for two hours or work on deadlines for two hours, then you can build in like 30 minutes to get some yogurt or do something fun, so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming,” Smith said.

Smith also said students overload themselves with activities in order to build up college applications. Smith disagrees with this mentality.

She said, “Focus on those few things that really are important to you…and make those your priority and don’t feel like you have to do everything.”