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St. Louis band plays only covers, discusses song selection

St. Louis-area band The Miles’s setlist includes tunes like The Rolling Stones “Miss You,” Weezer’s “El Scorcho,” and Jack White’s “Freedom at 21.”

What don’t you see on that list? Original songs, and that, according to drummer Kaylynn Dunn, is by design.

“St. Louis is more cover music, we wouldn’t make it here otherwise. We have a few friends who play originals, and we’ll play usually around a gig a week and they usually get a gig every two or three months,” Dunn said.

In order for the band to do covers, they have to have a selection process for the songs that they want to play. Lead vocalist Daniel Young said they want variety in their song choices.

“Chances are when you go to a venue, not everyone is gonna like the same type of stuff,” he said.

Young said the bands The Miles typically cover include The Rolling Stones, Weezer, Sublime and the Temptations.

Dunn said the band chooses music based on tracks one or more of the band members already listens to. She also said music is chosen based on “how (the band members) are feeling that day.”

The band members said they are working on original songs, but none are ready for performance yet.


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