Taking Digital Media Skills to the Next Level

Madison Guzy/Photo

Sports Broadcasting: Ted Bryant, Digital Media Coordinator for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club

“A big part of what I’m trying to instill in the guys is asking good questions.  That’s a foundation not only for good reporting but for life, so I came up with this exercise called the Tarzan exercise.  You guys know Tarzan; he swings from branches, so the goal was to go into a conversation with another person with an open mind.  Start asking them questions and when they respond, you keep the conversation flowing naturally by latching onto one thing they say in their response, one word, and swing into your next question—sort of like Tarzan.  So, I’ve been encouraging these guys to ‘Tarzan’ people whenever they can and practice at it.  They come back with these awesome Tarzan stories, so that for me has been a lot of fun.”

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