Speakers to come into the Social Media Class to talk about hard-hitting news using social media

Jamie Hetlage, Reporter

This afternoon speakers will be talking about hard-hitting news and how to utilize social media at the same time to pull in readers. Students enrolled in the social media class at Media Now will be spoken to from Pulitzer Prize winning Robert Cohen to old high school reporters from Kirkwood such as Ian Madden.

” We are trying to bring in tips and people who are able to speak to something the students are actually working on, ” Social Media teacher, Erica Smith said. ” They are able to reach out to the community through online and social media.”

From these speakers the students will be able to find a new understanding of social media by learning how to use it, distribute it, and keeping all the facts straight. This will be shown from a high school level, through the use of people who have graduated from high school who were locked down in there school to even a professional level with what happened to Ferguson.

” I think social media is the direction journalism is heading in,” student Mary Carolyn Staed said. ” It changes the way we do journalism and it’s a huge influence of something we need to be aware of how to use.”