Taking Digital Media Skills to the Next Level

Madison Guzy/Photo

Social Media: Erica Smith, Online Editor and Director of Digital Strategy at the Virginian Pilot

“I like the opportunity to talk to kids and just see what you guys are thinking about, what you want to know, what you want to learn.  It doesn’t have to be journalism-related things.  I talked to a woman yesterday who’s a student here.  She’s very interested in medicine and journalism.  Those are two very unique, different things.  But that’s just amazing.  There’s so many things you can do with one of those or both of those.  I love the passion that students have for not just journalism, but just all the things you’re interested in whether that’s art or journalism or science—those kinds of things.  So, for me, I really like being able to kind of surround myself with those people whether it’s at this camp or work—those kind of things.”

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