Social media class explores Snapchat filters, personal strategies


Natalie Evens (left), Tasha Jordan and Jack Warnecke get Post-it Notes for their personal public strategies. Students in the Social Media class plan to create a Snapchat filter to go live on Monday, the last day of camp.

Danielle Rader , Reporter

The Social Media class is preparing a Snapchat filter that will only be available on Monday during the final events of camp, according to instructor Erica Smith. 

Before the end of camp, she said, the Social Media group will also make personal publication strategies.

“So (publication strategies are) just really putting together a way to share that information,” Smith said. In short, she added, it’s a plan for sharing news.

While Smith described social media as “ expansive,”  student Jack Warnecke from Cary, IL said it was “efficient and innovative.”

Despite their different definitions, Warnecke and Smith said they agreed on the impact of social media.

“You can help raise awareness for things,” Warnecke said, “and you can help spread the word a lot quicker to a lot more people efficiently at the click of a button.”