SNO web students continue to work on online publications


Jake Clark, Reporter

Students in the SNO web class are working on their publications’ websites this week. This camp, which began on June 26, will end June 29. In this time, Jason Wallestad, SNO web class adviser, said he wants to accomplish as much as he can.

“We have two main focuses; one of them is learning how to design their website and use all the design controls, and the second is to learn how to really design stories. At the end of it, they should learn how to be very deliberate about their design choices for every detail of their website,” Wallestad said.

Students said they are excited to learn from the experienced advisers, and they hope to bring home some of the advisers’ wisdom to their own publications.

Justin Scofield, a student in the class, said, “I went into this class knowing what I was doing when it came to web stuff, but I had no idea what to do when it came to making a website for a newspaper, so that’s what I want to get out of this. It’s not just about designing, it’s also about formatting it so that people want to read the stories.”