Redesign, new design programs key subjects in design class


Lila Alvarado

Monday in Newspaper Design class, Rachel Bateman edits a photo for a practice newspaper page. The students learned how to implement new tools and techniques in their publication’s designs.

Design students will be working on photo editing and color on June 24.

Instructor of Newspaper Design, Stephanie Wilson, will introduce the elements of photo editing and color into their page designs. They will also listen to a few lectures from Wilson that they did not get to the previous day. They will continue to work on their designs as well.

“It’s going to be a little bit repetitive, but really beneficial for them,” Wilson said.

Newspaper Design will continue to work to redesign, practice page designs, and experiment with new design programs.

Wilson had students working on minimalist movie posters to practice and sharpen their skills as a fun activity. This benefited the students by increasing their knowledge with InDesign. Other programs that students learned were PhotoShop, and WIlson’s favorite, Illustrator.

“We started [yesterday] off with a really fun exercise where we had them create the minimalist movie poster designs. But they turned out really really awesome — I’m so impressed,” Wilson said.

Wilson also had students use tools in these programs like the pen tool and the pathfinder tool, which most of them never used before. She had them doing exercises with them to increase their design skill set.

“Some of them knew, like, basics of InDesign, and before we did the exercise we had them learning the pen tool and the pathfinder tool, and those are tools they probably just ignored … but today we made them dive in and touch it, and they did really well,” Wilson said.

A student from Shawnee Mission NorthWest, Rachel Bateman said she is excited to bring what she’s learned in this class back to her Publications.

“It’s probably the best thing that I came here.”