Redesign class focuses on graphics, InDesign tools


Layout Editor Sarah Young redesigns a movie poster for the Design: Redesign course at Media Now STL.

Michaela Alexander, Reporter

Recreating famous movie covers with simple graphics, the Redesign course students plan to learn and practice new tools and techniques, according to course instructor Erin Castellano. She said on Monday afternoon, the students will learn new tools, such as Path Finder and Pen Tool in InDesign, to create simple graphics that portray a well known movie poster.

“The alternative move poster activity is cool because it’s able to encapsulate the core of a movie in a graphic image that they created,” Castellano said. “It isn’t flashy for the sake of being flashy. It is actually communicating something.”

Using graphics as a cover of a project can contribute to the story students are telling, Castellano said, and added the tools she will present to the students today are new tools that most have not experienced.

Sarah Young, student and Layout Editor at Liberty (MO) North High School, said, “Learning new tools is a helpful way to get more in touch with the software. Recreating the movie covers is a fun way to learn new tools and new ways to view things. I will remember this experience specifically because it was educational yet still a fun and challenging activity.”