Photography Plus class goes to the St. Louis Zoo

Photography Plus class waits for buses.

Photography Plus class waits for buses.

Cadie Elder, reporter

The Photography Plus students will create their own photo story after a morning trip to the St. Louis Zoo.

“It takes a lot of thinking involved and diversifying pictures that you take,” Photography Plus teacher Cami Wischmeyer said. “They are going to have do certain pictures where they are up really high, taking, like, an aerial shot, or laying on their stomach and doing like a bug’s eye view. Doing all those things is really important to telling a good story.”

Student Parker Miller said he hopes to capture the relationship between a father and daughter, along with pictures of the zoo’s train.

“I feel like it would be a really good picture, it will show a lot of emotion,” Miller said.

According to Wischmeyer, not only do students need to edit and compile 10 pictures into a slideshow, but they will also need to write out captions for each photo.