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Overcoming Obstacles in the “Other Life”

June 23, 2015

Standing and looking out onto a brightly lit stage, barely seeing the awaiting faces of numerous people, people who needed to be impressed. Then singing an entire song wholeheartedly without realizing the microphone wasn’t on. Shortly after, going off stage to have a panic attack. This is what singer and band member of Letter to Memphis , Devon Cahill had faced during a duo-show with her and her fiance Gene Starks, luckily she overcame this obstacle through the songs she writes and performs.

“When you can use creativity as an outlet, whether it be writing music or whatever it is that your writing,” Cahill said. “It’s always a special experience sharing what you have.”

While performing and singing Cahill can release everything that happened that day and overcome whatever comes her way. In her song the “Other Life” it’s all about how she gets stuck in her head and can’t get out at moments. The one way she can is by writing and belting out songs to relieve her anxiety and forget everything.

“It[the “Other Life”]really did bring me out of a moment of desperation and writing that song and then everytime I play it and sing it,it’s cathartic,” Cahill said. “It’s like a release. It’s special to me in that way.”

With being in a band their are bound to be some followers who will feel every emotion in every note the band plays and sings. The band varies from topics from love to even addiction where the band hopes their audience can relate, release their emotions by listening, and enjoying the music they produce.

“ I hope it does the same thing for me as it does for them,” Cahill said. “It uplifts them, it gets them thinking. Maybe it takes them from being in a bad spot to making them feeling better like how it does for me.”

In the past both Cahill and Starks have had addiction problems. During that same time Starks was going through a rough divorce while Cahill became anxiety-stricken and stopped performing altogether. The two were going down a dark path. Not short after the two met and came together to play and sing the instruments they once loved with each other.

“We started learning cover songs, the two of us, with him jamming on the guitar and me singing. It was so much fun and felt so right for him to be playing guitar again and for me to be singing again,” Cahill said.


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