Mobile Journalism Students to Travel to Ferguson, MO


Julie Medley

Sophie Allen uses the Videolicious app to record life at camp. This app is what the Mobile Journalism students were taught to use to create their projects.

Sophie Allen and Julie Medley

Mobile Journalism continued to explore ways in which smartphones can be used to benefit on-the-go reporting.

The students spent some time at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch both applying what they learned in class and learning about how real-world reporters use mobile journalism every day.

“During the entire time, a lot of what we’ve been talking about is ┬álive-tweeting,”┬ásaid Zia Kelly of Lawrence High School and a student in the class. “So what we would do is essentially go in and be on our phones the entire time, which is kind of weird because we’re usually told not to have our phones. We would go and we would just tweet everything.”

After visiting the St. Louis publication, the students will take what they learned to Ferguson, MO, on June 24 to create a final class project. Mobile Journalism instructors Gary Hairlson and Erica Smith provided insight on what the students would actually be doing on the trip. They’ll be visiting the fire department, the mayor’s office, a coffee shop, and various other locations.

“Students will be responsible for going out, taking photos, creating videos, tweeting about things, creating stories from social media and the videos and everything that they put together,” explained Smith. “So everything you could imagine doing on your phone, they’re going to put together for tomorrow [June 24].”