Meet the #mnstl15 staff

Devyn Meyer

Learn more about some of the Media Now STL staff to help make the next few days of camp less awkward and more fun!

1.) Kate Manfull, Director of Media Now

Kate runs her own company, Fierce Creative, and created Media Now STL with her husband, Aaron Manfull, 5 years ago.

2.) Allison Babka, Writing  

Allison is a web editor for the Riverfront Times. She is also an experienced karaoke host and DJ.

3.) Erica Smith, Social Media  

Erica is the digital news editor at the Virginian-Pilot. She also loves cats and M&Ms.

4.) Matt Rasgorshek, Video

Coffee at 6:30pm? Must be time for @medianowstl #mnstl15 A photo posted by MattRaz (@matt_raz) on


Matt is the broadcast and online adviser at Westside High School in Omaha, NE.
5.) Jim Streisel, Writing on Deadline


Jim is the adviser of the Carmel High School newspaper and its website. He has written two journalism textbooks.