MediaNows Photo Plus class goes to the zoo on the second day of camp

Ethan Slaughter

MediaNow’s photo plus class goes to the zoo on the second day of camp in order to share a family’s story through pictures. When at the zoo the student will have to ask a family to shadow them for the morning and take photos of animals and showcase the different things families can do at the zoo. They will have to take many photos from different angles and different perspectives such has from the eyes of a little five-year-old girl to a tall six foot man.


“The zoo will be a good learning experience for the students because it will make them think, and they will have to write cutlines and get quotes,” Photo Plus teacher Cami Wischmeyer said.


Many students have been thinking about what they want to capture when they get to the zoo. Some students want to follow around parents with young kids to get pictures that show how much kids are amazed by animals.


“I want to go on the train and ride around taking pictures of of the excited kids as they ride around,” Parker Miller from Richland High School said.