MediaNow admins plan activities to benefit students

MediaNow admins plan activities to benefit students

Anna Lindquist, Reporter

MediaNow administrators have planned activities that they hope will benefit MediaNow students at Maryville University during their four days at camp.

Co-director Kate Manfull said, “Well, the goal of everything that we do on the activity side is really to make sure that kids are gonna be engaged, they are gonna have some fun. My job is to make sure it’s more of a stress reliever. [Campers] learn a lot and there’s a lot of intense classroom study and instruction and a lot of new information so I like to be that creative release.”

Throughout the camp, students participate in a variety of activities between classes. Some activities include drawing on paper plates that will later be sent to their home and guess the movie clip. While activities can be a stress reliever and enjoyable, some students said they view them as an alternative experience.

“I think [the activities] are a lot of fun,” student Jessica Kramer said. “I think it’s nice that we have an opportunity to meet people who aren’t in our class and learn from them.”