Taking Digital Media Skills to the Next Level

Mariah Houston, Lawrence Free State High School

“I am a part of the Venture Scouts, which is like Boy Scouts, but it’s co-ed, so it allows girls to do all the cool stuff that guys do in Boy Scouts, but girls don’t get to do in Girl Scouts, for some reason. Last summer, I went to Japan for the World Scout Jamboree, which was a big gathering of 40,000 scouts from all over the world. I don’t necessarily agree with all the morals of scouting, but I think it’s just a great way to travel, especially cheap travel. Scouting in other countries is so cool and I’ve met a lot of cool people who do it. That trip to Japan was so eye-opening, and I think I’m just culturally more aware of a part of the world I would not have been aware of before, and I think that it really improved my social skills and just how I act when I meet new people.”

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