Manfull Advises the Advisers

Aaron Manfull gave his insight on a variety of topics to better the adviser’s publications. From integrating media into publications to establishing student leadership, Manfull covered it all as advisers eagerly took notes.

Every day the advisers have the opportunity to pick from a poll of topics that determines some of the things they will discuss for the day.

“We are gonna talk about storytelling in 2014 and how it’s different from even five or ten years ago. We’ll talk a little bit about advertising stuff,” Manfull said. “They’re gonna get some time to work on projects and things they want to.”

With advisers from many different schools there was a good mix of people together to discuss how to improve their publications.

“It’s a really great mix of a class of one person who’s gonna be advising for the first time ever and one that’s been advising for thirty years,” Manfull said. “We have all ends of the spectrum and everyone is really sharing ideas and it’s just a good collaborative environment.”

With a wide variety of topics covered in the short time at Media Now STL  the advisers had much to take away from this experience.

“We will work harder at incorporating the video production class that I don’t teach,” Massy said. “We are trying to bring them into this whole idea of working together. If we’re gonna have someone to compete against it should be another school and not each other.”