Taking Digital Media Skills to the Next Level

Maia Bond, Junior at Rolla High School

“What’s the scariest thing you have ever witnessed in your life or heard of that you feel connected to?”

“This is a crazy story you want to hear. (My best friend’s) stepdad owns a lot of dealerships. She was getting picked up by her dad and there was some guy with a stolen car, it was obviously stolen. So, they followed him and the guy in the car was obviously very young, freaking out. So, this kid noticed that they were following him and he knew it was stolen from the dealership so that’s why he was following him. So, both of them pulled over and got out of the car and my friend’s stepdad was trying to be nice to him. Suddenly, this guy pulls put a machete and starts trying to hit her dad. He tried to slash their tires but he didn’t. This guy starts beating the stolen car and it was a nice car. So, basically the story is his girlfriend worked at the dealership and she got fired. They got very angry and they decided to steal 2 cars.”


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