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Letter to Memphis singer discusses inspiration

June 23, 2015

Down to earth and creative artist Devon Cahill, lead singer of band ‘Letter to Memphis’, joined writing students at their Media Now St Louis class to answer their questions and play a couple of her uplifting and inspiring songs. Within this friendly interview Devon Cahill opens up about her inspiration for her lyrics and she addresses her hopes for her music and the people who hear it.

Q: What was your inspiration to become an indie folk genre?

A: “I had a musical theatre background and Jean [band member] had a guitar background but then both of us kind of lost our way, which was actually an inspiration for our song thursday night blues on our album. So we met and it took us a while but we started being musically inspired by each other. Neither of us had done music for a while as he struggled with marriage…..and i struggled with anxiety but then we met each other and he picked up his guitar again and i started to sing and we started to do covers……and over that time the indie folk was what we fell into and i think roots will always be important …….but we also like to throw genres around and make out own brand”

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?

A: “Paul is the bass player and he is a multi instrumentalist and he has inspired me as he can go from one instrument right to another. Also he is zen and his life is all about music and playing it which inspires me a lot.”

Q: Do you like to use personal experiences as inspiration for your songs?

A: “Yes, music is like a natural high and i write to inspire others and make other happy. The way our music is made is always different but it is collaborative. I fell like when I’m writing I’m letting everything out.”

Q: What song is you favorite song from your album and why?

A: “I think rest you head is my favorite, it is track 3 on our album and it is one of the first songs i wrote by myself with the ukulele and its just a bout love! Its a lullaby and its sweet and its definitely falls into our indie folk drama and the lyrics are uplifting….to me it always makes me feel good as it is positive.”

Devon Cahill playing her ukulele and singing for the class.
Devon Cahill playing her ukulele and singing for the class.


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