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Letter to Memphis lead singer inspires students to take note

June 23, 2015

With a self-proclaimed “indie folk with soul” sound, “Letter to Memphis” thrives within the St. Louis music scene and is expected to soon reach many other heights. Devon Cahill recently visited Media Now STL, a three day seminar held on Maryville University’s campus, and spoke to the program’s writing class students about her personal journey as far as musician and ever-growing individual.

After being asked relatively positive questions about her performance rituals, childhood experience, and things like such, Emily Orr, a student reporter attending the writing course, asked Ms. Cahill (soon to be Mrs. Starks) what her worst experience on stage and/or within being a musician had been and how it changed her.

“I think probably several years ago having a panic attack on stage was the hardest experience that I’ve had. I think what happened was there were people there that I really wanted to impress, and after the set break, I sang a song, an entire song, and my microphone wasn’t on, and I was really, really, really, embarrassed, and I got really far up in my head, and I just lost my whole spark, ” said Cahill.

Devon Cahill’s true personality shined throughout her interview and was made apparent through her extremely honest and hopeful answers. Devon Cahill maintained a certain excitement about her work, as well as an equally excitement towards life in general. She is on all accounts a real artist who is rightfully proud of her art and her journey. Her genuine transparency is not only needed in the music world, but the the world, period.

“But…sometimes you have to just take a few breaths a regroup. I think that’s the hardest thing, when you’re performing, you can just get so far into your own head, but I’ve learned that the audience rarely knows if you mess up. At this point, if I make a mistake, i just smile. There’s always a way to overcome and sometimes you just have to get out of your head and feel the music, “ said Cahill.

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