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Lead vocalist Daniel Young discusses the origin of the Miles Band, future plans

Q: What brought you guys together?

A: At School of Rock, bands get formed all the time, so (bass player) Austin (Neokirch) originally wanted to start a band and needed a singer. They weren’t even friends with me at the time but they just needed a singer and they knew I can sing, and then we’ve just been practicing and bonded really quick through that. It brought us together.”


Q: How did you guys come up with The Miles Band as your name?

A: “We have this friend named Myles who goes to School of Rock, but he spells it M-Y-L-E-S and he hates when people misspell his name like an actual mile. So we tried so hard to come up with a band name but nothing worked until finally Kaylynn (Dunn), our drummer, came up with that. It just grew on me, but I didn’t like it at first.”


Q: What has your support system been like?

A: “Oh, support’s been huge. You gotta get your name out here, but really our support system’s been our parents. They’re haul our gear for us, they’re like roadies with us, they put our name out there through Facebook, they’re huge. Once our name started getting out there, our friends were like, ‘Oh, cool. You guys are playing this gig’ or they’d start going out. We couldn’t do this without all of them.”


Q: I know you manager is lead guitarist Alexander Scheman’s mother, Diana, but can you tell me more about how that started?

A: “Alexander and his family, they’re really, really into music. Diana, is an artist, she paints, but she has got connections everywhere. As soon as Alexander was like, ‘Yeah, I’m in a band with these people,’ Diana was like, ‘Oh, let me start booking gigs for you.’ So, she knows everyone around St. Louis. We don’t have to go around and call people since Diana does it all for us. She’s very great at what she does.”

Q: What is the future looking like for the Miles Band?

A: “I think the future looks bright. A few months ago that was questioned because Austin’s going to college and so we were like, ‘Oh we’ve gotta have another bass guitarist.’ For us, we have a set list of four hours of music so we had to have auditions for his position a few months ago and we got someone. He’s been learning all the music so that by the time Austin has to leave around August, he will be fully and totally integrated into the band.”

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