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Kaitlyn Bible, Francis Howell North HS

“We read this book in eighth grade about this kid who refused not to sing the national anthem. I can’t even remember what the book was called now, but there’s this big joke between my friends and I about it. In homeroom one morning, my friend started singing it and me and my other friend, we were laughing like crazy and then we got in trouble so we had to go out in the hallway and then the homeroom teacher came out and gave us a ‘stern talking to’ about how laughing during the national anthem was inappropriate and we were like, ‘We were just singing it and it was so funny,’ and they were like, ‘Do you want to stay in this homeroom because we can move you to a different one?’ And we were like, ‘You think about that for a second.’ The next day they never asked us anything about it and now it’s this ongoing joke between me and these two friends ever since then.”

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