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Journalism should be a dual credit course

June 24, 2014


Nick Madison behind the camera doing what he loves most at MediaNowSTL.

Nick Madison a senior at Fort Zumwalt West High School was trying to decide his schedule for his senior year. He had a plan to take as many Journalism and Media classes as he could. He wanted to do what he loved to do and still get the max amount of credit because what is the point of doing all the hard work for a class you do not even like.

Throughout high school most of us are striving for the same goal we all want to be accepted into our first choice college. We want to set ourselves apart from the rest so we challenge ourselves. We challenge ourselves to go above and beyond the adverse person to make us unique. We do not want to be like person A or B we want to stand out. So what’s the most obvious thing to do? Take harder classes right? So we start looking into AP and college credit classes.

But are college credit classes really the answer to making yourself stand out? What about all the electives that offer so many life skills? Students such as Nick Madison would argue the fact that these classes should be more important.

“I am equally as smart as the average kid yet my GPA may not be as high as theirs due to my class choices.” said Madison. “I want to go into media after college so it would only make sense for me to take media and journalism classes which are not weighted.”

Why should only our basic core classes have weighted grades or be available for college credit.

Cum Laude is a high honor to graduate with. For the students whose Field is within one of the subjects that offer many weighted classes this achievement is much easier to accomplish than for the students interested in fields such as journalism which  do not  offer college credit or weighted classes and in some  districts such as Fort Zumwalt only offer the class as an extra curricular.  Madison is in three Journalism classes for his senior year due to the fact that he is going to a college for journalism not have those three hours of the day for a weighted class might not matter as much but to other students such as senior Katie Laughlin it could really affect them.

“College credit classes are much cheaper.” said  Laughlin.

Laughlin devotes two hours out of her seven hour school day  as do most other editors. These hours could be used to save her money when she goes to college by taking a college credit class. Laughlin wants to go into journalism which is a competitive field. Sure her extra hour is spent in a journalism class but what is going to  make her stand out to an admissions board the fact that she was an editor just like most of the other kids that applied or the fact that she held down a job, took multiple  Dual credit  courses all while being the editor in chief of her school newspaper.

These kids are taught all through life to follow their dreams but not having dual credit classes in their journalism classes could potentially stand in the way of that. They have a very competitive generation and doing the minimum can easily put you at the bottom of the totem poll.

For more information on Dual credit classes click here.

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