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Isaiah Bryant, Francis Howell North

Q: Do you have a favorite memory that really sticks out in general?

“When I was younger I went to Jamaica with my family and that was a really good experience and I loved it so that stuck with me a lot.”

Q: So what was significant about your trip to Jamaica?

“It was really fun, like the beach was amazing it was the first time I’d ever really been out of the country and I liked it a lot.”

Q: Did you learn anything culture wise, or anything in general?

“I just learned that the people there are like so much more laid back than here and they, and they work a lot slower and I feel like here everything is so much more fast paced. It’s a big culture difference in that way.”

Q: Did your trip to Jamaica impact your life in any kind of way?

“Not at first, but now that I think back when I think about the people there and how they take everything slowly, it kinda makes me want to slow down and not be so fast-paced and enjoy things more.”

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