IPhone Storytelling class practices with new apps.


Khalea Edwards

Students in Chris Snider’s IPhone Storytelling class will continue to experiment using new apps such as FilMicPro and Splice which, according to Parkway West student Kristin Priest, have the same features of a $400+ professional camera.

According to Priest, the first two days of camp, students have been learning about which apps they’re able to use on their phones so they won’t have to buy giant, overpriced cameras.

“You can use pretty much anything on your phone and you’d only have to pay a couple dollars to get quality apps so you can film movies. We’re just learning how to unlock those skills,” Priest said.

While this isn’t Snider’s first time teaching the IPhone Storytelling course, he said this has been the first time teaching it without a computer handy.  According to Snider, the students are doing everything straight from their phones which is different from what he’s done with his past classes.
“One big struggle is we can’t be super precise,” Snider said. “On a computer you’ve got a big screen and can see exactly where you are when you’re editing a video, but on a phone it’s harder to be as precise with it.”