InDesign students discover layouts that will capture readers’ eyes


Jessica Schell working on a design for a football page.

Alexa Buechler, Reporter

The InDesign classroom hosts multiple levels of students. Some students have barely touched InDesign, but some students have utilized the program for up to three years. The teachers Carlos Ayulo and Marci Pieper walk around the room offering advice for each student personally. Conversations of color, font, and layout flow through the air.

Carlos Ayulo said, “I want [beginner students] to walk out of here knowing how to do a headline, body, story, photo, wrap around the photo (some bare basics), and build the foundation up.” Each day he will build up their knowledge till they have steady ground and then continue to grow as a designer.

Ayulo also said, “For people more advanced, it’s all about inspiration.” Ayulo sends his students to any and every website for inspiration.

Today, he will aid students find a perfect in between for their personal designs.

“If [a student] goes too bold, it could hurt them. If they go too subtle, they won’t get in,” he advised.

“Smaller things add up to be bigger things.” the InDesign teacher said with a smile.

Jessica Schell working on a design for a football page.
Jessica Schell working on a design for her football page.

Jessica Schell, InDesign student from Liberty North, sets the goal to find a chunky page layout that demonstrates clean cut lines. She will help design her school yearbook this coming school year.

“I want to find something that will capture everyone’s eyes,” said Schell.