Impending news program to be created by students

They are broadcast’s future producers, crew and talent. When the “On Air” sign illuminates on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 the students of the In-Studio Broadcast class at MediaNowSTL will be taping their first official news show.

The In-Studio Broadcast class will be working with the Video Essentials class to tackle this looming project. According to Jill Falk, In-Studio Broadcast adviser, the Video Essentials students will create mini packages to be used as the content of the show.

“I think they’re excited [for the project],” Falk said. “They seem a little bit nervous sometimes when they’re on camera and reading because it’s not comfortable for a lot of people the first time, but thats what they want to learn when they came here. They want to learn to feel more comfortable on camera, so the more they’re on camera the more comfortable they’ll feel.”

Lexie Miller, In-Studio Broadcast student, said she has never done broadcast before. However, since beginning the class she has become more interested in the topic.

“We are taking turns doing, anchor, weather and sports,” Miller said. “Whoever isn’t an anchor gets to do camera. I’m looking forward to getting to learn all the basics of it. It’s interesting; I’ve never done anything like it.”

Leading up to their final project, all students will learn to work every position in the studio to have a well-rounded knowledge in broadcasting. Even students similar to Miller with no broadcast background will be able to proudly claim a part in creating a news show.

“I would like them to take away experiences that would not only help them figure out what career path they want to take, but I also want them to be able to take back tools, ideas and plans they might want to implement in their schools.”