‘I want to teach them to lead with humility’: Instructor Mitch Eden inspires future editors in chief


Students in the Editorial Leadership class at MediaNow Mizzou learn from instructor Mitch Eden. They have been working on their individual projects. Madison Guzy/Photo

Madison Guzy, Editor

High school editors in chief will learn about how to lead their publications staffs in the Editorial Leadership class at MediaNow Mizzou, according to instructor Mitch Eden.  He said the students will learn how to have confidence in their ability to run a publication and lead a staff.

“(My favorite moments with students are) when I have the individual conversations with them, and I see them confident, and I see them smile, and they say ‘I think I can do this,” he said. ” I’m going to knock it out of the park.’”

Throughout the duration of the class, the students will work on their own individual projects such as creating staff manuals or production cycles.  Additionally, Eden plans to pose questions to allow the students to discuss how to proceed when different issues arise among the staff.  He said editors will also have the opportunity to network in this class to get an idea of how other schools run their yearbook or newspaper.  They will learn how to build staff, be a role model, keep everyone on task and keep the staff motivated by creating a good culture in the staff room.

On June 25, the students will continue to work on their individual projects.  They will also talk about reporting, interviewing and writing.  The class will discuss how to motivate their staff and keep them unstressed.  Two editors from the Columbia Missourian will meet the students of MediaNow’s Editorial Leadership class on June 26 to teach about running a newsroom in the 21st century.

Yearbook editor in chief Rachel Becker of Kearney High School said, “I had no knowledge of leadership or being an editor in chief, but now learning all of these things here, hearing people’s great stories about them having leadership in their publications is giving me a lot more motivation, and I’m definitely really excited.”