Full news program looms over students

It is 6:00 p.m. on June 24, 2014. It is the moment they have been working towards, anticipating and waiting for.This is the moment the In-Studio Broadcast students at MediaNowSTL begin to film their full news program.

“I’m stoked,” Nick Madison, Fort Zumwalt West student, said. “This is a fun class; we do a lot of hands on camera work and [work] in front of the camera.”

Since the first classroom session, students in this class have been preparing for the moment the cameras start rolling. According to Madison and adviser Jill Falk, the students have been practicing every position in the studio to achieve a complete broadcasting knowledge leading up to film time.

Falk said she will have to aid her students in this final project by doing the technical aspects needed in a news program.

“The things I’m expecting them to do take me a semester to teach college students,” Falk said. “I’ll kind of hold their hands through the process but they will get the experience of putting together a show.”

After they finish shooting the full news program, the students will not stop there. In addition to the news show, Falk said the students will each be putting together a demo reel. This is a short clip of the student’s work in front of the camera which they then edit for final evaluation.

For Madison, he is not going to cease his practice of broadcast when he finishes editing his demo reel. Instead, he said he hopes the skills learned from this class will help him advance the video department at Fort Zumwalt West.

“I’m hoping to take all I’ve learned from here and be able to bring it back to my newspaper class and make the video or film department much better in [our journalism department],” Madison said. “I’m hoping to make it bigger than it is right now.”