Editorial Leadership plans for next year.


Megan Munger

Editorial Leadership class working on one of three projects.

Lauren Huntebrinker

Students in the Editorial leadership class are getting a chance to get a  head start on the upcoming school year by making a plan of action for the goals they want to accomplish this year. Other than making their plan for the 2014-2015 school year the Editorial Leadership class is also partaking in two other projects the first one being a group project where each group has to come up with one word that describes a leader at the end of the project they are going to make a slideshow of each poster made by each group. The last project they are doing is making a list of 101 story ideas for each editor to take back to their staff.

Seniors Kayla Hoppe and Taylor Hawkins from Free State High School  are taking advantage of this time at MediaNowSTL by designing their yearbook ladder.

“On our staff we have a lot of fun together so a lot of time we dont always get a lot of work done. [being at  MediaNowSTL] forces us to have to get things done.] said Hawkins.

Mitch Eden, the class’s adviser, said  “The class itself is a mix of tips, advice, guidance and a mix of lab work.”

In his opening session, Eden said his main goal for his students is for them is to leave their program in a better place than when they arrived.