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Dunn with Gender Bias

Drummer Kaylynn Dunn faces sexism at many of her band’s shows

Kaylynn Dunn was playing the drums at a gig when a man she didn’t know came up to her, snatched the drumsticks from her hands and said, “You don’t actually know how to use these.”

Dunn is the only female member of The Miles, which she says ends up causing her many problems like the one with the stranger who took her sticks. According to the drummer, in roughly three out of every 10 gigs the band plays, she’ll experience some sort of sexism, whether it is an off-color comment or a more aggressive attack.

“I have a lot of people tell me they’d like to ‘take me home.’ Actually at one of our last gigs my dad almost fought someone over it ’cause he kept yelling (sexual comments),” Dunn said.

In addition to this type of discrimination, she said she also faces a different type of disrespect. Dunn said she is often treated differently than her male counterparts; she said she is often ignored or not taken seriously.

“A guy will come up to us and shake everyone’s hand, but he won’t shake my hand. It’s not a big thing, but it’s definitely something I definitely notice and it doesn’t make me feel as respected, like I’m not deserving of a handshake,” Dunn said.

Dunn said she is a supporter of everyone being treated the same, and gender isn’t important.

“I think it’s important for no matter your gender to be treated equally,” Dunn said, “because it is taxing sometimes.”

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