Directors work behind the scenes to empower students

Sophie Flores, Reporter

The event team for MediaNowSTL is busy preparing for group activities outside of class. While campers are working, the team brainstorms ideas, creates a back up plan for rain and sets up materials, prizes and slideshows.

”It goes in shifts,” Assistant to the co-director Jordyn Klackner said. “There are some moments when we have a little bit more chill time, but for the most part, we are talking logistics of contests, and how we are going to give prizes out, and setting up activities and doing whatever we need for that.”

The coordinators have planned four more group activities planned for the rest of camp, including the awards ceremony on Wednesday. The afternoon activity involves creativity, working in groups and a tool on campers’ smartphones that some have learned about this week. The dorm event at night involves three different activities to cycle through in groups following the game-changers theme.

“They’re really important because it’s a huge part of being in any newsroom, whether you’re in a newspaper or broadcasting, you still need teamwork and you still need to work in unity,” videographer Michelle Sproat said.

While the events may seem purely recreational to campers, the event staff has a goal in mind. These activities are meant release brainpower, harness creativity and encourage working together toward a common goal.

“We want to empower the campers,” Klackner said. “That’s why we’re doing this whole game-changing movement, because you guys have the potential and the power to really change the game in journalism. You’re here because, obviously, you want to do something big, you want to make a change, and what we want you to leave with by the end of this camp is: look what you’ve learned, look what you’ve created, now go do some more of it and make it even better.”