Devon Cahill visits Maryville University

Carlie Bollinger, reporter

Musician, Devon Cahill, visits Media Now Stl. at Maryville University where she plays the ukulele and sings an original song  that her band “Letter To Memphis” wrote. She also provides insight into the life of a musician and the reasoning behind the lyrics of her music. Considering she writes the music herself, she opens up about past experiences that led to where she is today. The band was created in 2011 and originates out of St. Louis Missouri where it will stay. Devon loves the St. Louis music community when asked “Why St. Louis? Why not a big music city like Los Angeles?” She said “I don’t like the cut-throat atmosphere of getting gigs and performing. I believe that I should create what I can and share what I have and enjoy it.” Devon finds inspiration in multiple places whether that be the bass player in the band who inspires her by playing in multiple bands and a variety of instruments or her fiancé who is also in the band and plays the guitar and contributes to music composition.

Devon believes that listening to a variety of music is “An enriching experience” and her favorite song is one she wrote herself called “Rest Your Head.” She says that the relationship between her and her fellow band mates is really good. The main four members of the band all joined over time. Gene, one of the original two alongside Cahill herself, has been in it since 2011. Where as Paul and Sarah joined in 2012 and 2013. The band has produced an album and looks forward to opportunities to come in the future. IMG_2408