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Devin Kittrell, Junior at Alma Bryant High School

“After I was 3 or 4 my dad kept getting arrested, so we had a single mother raising us. She was on and off of drugs, so it was really rough on us. She kept bringing friends in that wouldn’t help at all. It got to the point where our grandmother stepped in. She took us in, so she’s basically being a mother again and having to raise three kids.

“I take almost all responsibility for everything. I get the blunt end of everything. I only have one of my sisters living in the house. She can barely afford to raise us with the money from the work that she does, so we have one of my sisters staying with a friend to help out for a little bit.

“I think it helped me out growing up like that because it gave me more of a mental toughness, so I know how to deal with a little bit of hardship. I had to work for everything and wasn’t raised how I wanted to be raised but it kept me out of trouble because I’ve seen what certain things do to you. That’s what’s keeping me going on a straight path.”

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